4 Affordable Brands for Singaporean Side Sleepers

We all sleep differently. Some of us would not feel natural sleeping on their back but on their stomach, some prefer sleeping on their side. Researchers found that sleeping on the back is the best position, however, if it does not feel good to you, it never will. Most people sleep on their side at night and this has its own side effects as well. Therefore, this article will provide you with a list of reasonable latex mattress solutions for side sleepers.

HipVan Levitate

Levitate mattress was first launched in 2016 along with its first mattress, LEVITATE that had loyal customers swarming by. Despite its affordable price, they use only premium materials that are almost comparable to other luxury mattresses. It uses the combination of memory foam and latex. These both help in absorbing muscle tension and relieving body aches which side sleepers desperately need while sleeping due to pressure put at only one side of the body. Levitate’s comfort scale is considered high at 10 because they have premium sewn-in pillow top and its firmness ranks a 7. These two features are the absolute reason why side sleepers should consider this mattress as the firmness and plushy nature give extra comfort and solid spinal support.

European Bedding

Since side sleepers put a lot of pressure on their shoulder and hip closest to the mattress, the mattress firmness plays a huge role to prevent the muscles from aching. European Bedding offers the best choice for side sleepers which comes in the form of latex mattress. Due to its solid block of foam, it allows the muscles to sink in comfortably but at the same time also gives good spinal support. European Bedding says that mattresses should be solid and not soft but still, comfortable enough to let your hips and shoulders sink smoothly without spinal alignment problem occurring. Also, latex pillow is recommended as well to support the head from not sinking in too much.


Therapedic is already famous for its memory foam mattress that contours to your body perfectly. For side sleepers, extra attention has to be given to areas such as the pelvis, back, neck and shoulders. However, sleeping on memory foam helps taking the pressure off your hips and shoulders because it adjusts accordingly to any areas needed of pressure. A memory foam mattress also helps in distributing your weight evenly throughout the surface area so that the pressure is equally placed. Therapedic memory foam mattress is firm; it’s not too soft and not too hard.

Phiten SG

Firstly, side sleepers do not have to worry with the display price Phiten SG offers because it will all be totally affordable after sales, promos and a bit of discount negotiations. Phiten’s Titanfit Mattress X30 has an Aqua Titan technology embedded in the fabric which brings soft texture for better and longer relaxation while asleep. This mattress helps getting rid of body pain and injuries during sleep time. Therefore, your muscle aches can be relieved during your sleep.


In conclusion, these are four mattress brands in Singapore that you will find affordable yet do not compromise on quality. There are plenty other brands available too so do take some time to research before committing to purchasing a mattress. As side sleepers, you need to put additional care in choosing mattresses and pillows to ensure sleep comfortability minus the aches.

Danny Simmons is a 28-year-old scientific researcher who enjoys watching YouTube videos, bowling and theatre. He is stable and careful, but can also be very lazy and a bit impatient.