The Reasons Why Some Bed Buyers Prefer Customizable Mattresses

In the course of finding that perfect sleep solution, what begins as confusion slowly turns into trouble. Suddenly, you realize you are unable to find a mattress that perfectly reflects your physical and psychological needs among all the advertised products. Fret not, because customizable mattress is the exact way to go if we want complete finesse and perfection to embrace our sleep:

Ask other mattress buyers what the reasons are that they go the custom way and many of them would share almost similar experiences.


People come in many different sizes. It is rare to see a person having the same body proportion with one another. Because of this, many people have difficulties with their mattresses. As we all are aware of, the mainstream market sale only produces the same measurements of mattress due to majority of the people choosing the size. However, their sleep would not be as good because they must opt for only the available sizes. But with production of customizable mattresses, people of all sizes no longer need to worry about not fitting into their mattresses. Also, some people have a built-in bed frame that does not follow common measurements. This is the time where customizable mattresses come in handy as you can order them within any size range you require.


Everyone has their own ideal preferences in life. The same goes in the matter of mattress preference. Some people like it firm, some people do not mind it if it supports their backs when they lay their bodies on them. With customizable mattress, everything becomes possible. Say, if two persons are sharing a queen- or king-sized bed but both favors different levels of firmness for their bed. There is nothing to be worried about if we choose to own a customizable mattress instead. There is three available levels of firmness which are soft, medium and firm. Even single- and two-layer mattresses are available. A two-layer mattress can have a denser base but less dense and softer upper layer. Also, multi-zone back support and mono-zone support are also a choice for customers. Multi-zone back support gives extra support and softness when needed at different areas while mono-zone offers similar level of firmness throughout the whole body.

Type of Material

As customizable mattress allows you to choose everything you prefer, so you should never forget about the type of materials your future mattress will be made of. It is vital for you to pick the one that suits you and your sleeping style the best. You must be very specific especially if environmental concerns are your main criteria, because you can choose 100% organic materials to layer your mattress. The sleeping positions and health problems will determine the type of materials, too. For instance, someone who has back pains needs a firmer mattress made from latex. Additionally, do not forget to consider hybrid customizable mattresses for wider options.

Based on the above points, you know you should not be discouraged to try out customized mattresses, no matter what others’ opinions are. You are entitled to hundred nights of best sleep, regardless of your out-of-the-ordinary preference in mattresses.

Danny Simmons is a 28-year-old scientific researcher who enjoys watching YouTube videos, bowling and theatre. He is stable and careful, but can also be very lazy and a bit impatient.