The Use Of Dermal Fillers For The Look Of A Liquid Face Lift

There are aesthetic procedures that will rejuvenate the face and give it more youthful appearance. These procedures often use dermal fillers, and they are non invasive. It often takes about three treatments to get the desired results, depending on the patient, of course. The results are temporary, and people often get touch ups two or three times a year.

These injectables can be an alternative to invasive procedures like surgical face lifts, but not necessarily a replacement. They can also be used after a face lift has started to lose its effect, but the patient is not ready for a second face lift. Most patients are quite happy with the results, but when the skin is severely wrinkled and has completely lost its elasticity, fillers may not be sufficient to obtain the desired results.

Fillers can be divided into three categories. One category of these semi liquid substances is the hyaluronic acid based. Brand names include Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Volbella. A second category is the calcium hydorxyapatite injectable called Radiesse. The third category is Sculptra that works by stimulating collagen growth rather than filling in lines. Sculptra is thought to be longer lasting. Regardless if effects last three months or a year, aesthetic procedures are a lifestyle and touch ups are recommended.

While Botox is an injectable, it works on a different premise than fillers. It relaxes the underlying muscle tissue which has the effect of softening lines. When used together, Botox and fillers are often called a liquid lift. Indeed the results can be quite remarkable. Rather than looking like you have had work done, with the injectables you just look younger and more rested. The results are very natural looking


The IYAC Aesthetic and Anti Aging Clinic can be seen on their website at The clinic is very tastefully designed. Dr. Isabelle Yeoh is a general practitioner who has advanced training and is Board certified in anti aging medicine. Her approach is inside and outside. She firmly believes that good nutrition and adequate rest are as important as aesthetic procedures when it comes to looking your best.

The IYAC Clinic publishes periodic newsletters, which are available on the website. The April May 2015 edition was dedicated to the liquid lift. Anyone who is considering a liquid lift, should take the time to read this brief newsletter. It answers a lot of questions and helps prepare patients for the procedure. Patients instantly look five to ten years younger and the pain and recovery time are minimal. Since aesthetic procedures do not require general anesthesia, they are less expensive and within the financial reach of most patients.

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