The use of different floor tiles for different architecture in Singapore

The use of floor tiles varies from place to place and from building to building. The use of tiles adds value to the architecture as it gets noticed easily. While tiles may not be used everywhere, some places won’t use anything apart from tiles. Over the years, tiles have evolved to become more attractive and long-lasting. The tiles commonly used for residential houses may not be used for offices and other public buildings. Similarly, places of worship will have their own types of tile styles.

Residential houses

Ceramic Tiles colors variationTiles are common in residential houses and include, ceramic, marble porcelain, patterned, and many others. In different parts of the house, different tiles are used. For example, bathrooms and kitchens do not require intricately designed tiles. But in living rooms and other parts of the house, when aesthetics play an important role, such tiles are useful. Residents in Singapore are increasingly choosing tiles over wooden flooring for the durability and elegance. From single colored tiles to complex designs, house owners are going for floor tiles in Singapore that are specific to each area.

Another important aspect that owners are concerned with is the size of tiles. Tile can be square or rectangular and can range from big to smaller ones.

Offices and government buildings

Usually, offices will have carpets which offers a great flooring design option. Carpets are very comfortable and feels easy on the legs. But in some offices, carpet tiles are also being used. Carpet tiles are chosen over carpets because they look attractive and sophisticated. Also, carpet tiles are cost-effective, durable and easier to care than carpets. Carpets are prone to wear and tear, which is not a problem with carpet tiles. In Singapore, carpet tiles are very famous and there are many carpet tile suppliers.

Carpet tiles come in different designs and most of them, if not all, are not very bright. This is to make sure that offices and other government buildings have an official look all the time.

Places of worship

Tiles are also used in places of worship. Some places of worship like the Thian Hock Keng temple might use tiles. Mostly marble and other stones are used for the architectural design. The Thian Hock Keng temple uses richly colored tiles along with wood. The older temples and places of worship have some parts containing tiles but the newer ones mostly prefer marbles, wood and other materials.

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