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You and your family members may decide to have a live band singapore for a forthcoming occasion like a wedding in your family. But you may have jitters at the sheer thought of getting overwhelmed while taking up the task of researching about live band music for occasions. But this need not be the case because if you adopt the right approach, you can easily choose a good live band that provides energy as well as entertainment during the occasion. Let us now look at a few points you must bear in mind while embarking… Read Article →

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) beams combined with Laser circuit is an all new technology which is being used worldwide to treat skin problems. If you are trying to find the best IPL treatment in Singapore then you need to make an appointment at IYAC, the most trusted anti ageing and aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Laser Circuit, which comprises of light and laser therapies, are used to remedy many skin problems like dull skin, open pores, acne, redness, facial veins, blemishes, pigmentation etc. An IPL treatment session generally lasts for about 45-50 minutes. The 3 steps… Read Article →

Those of you who want to go for a facial treatment in Singapore need to check out the various aesthetic services being offered IYAC. At IYAC – the number one aesthetic clinic in Singapore – you can choose from a range of services related to facial treatment. In this article, we are going to discuss 2 kinds of facial treatment you can go for this Christmas. Red Carpet Facial The Colbert MD Triad Red Carpet Facial comes with 3 treatments – Microdermabrasion, laser toning and chemical peeling. Ideal for patients of both sexes, this facial… Read Article →

There are many experts throughout the world that can help you get your dream look back, even after years. Thanks to the advancements in technology, it is now possible to get rid of scars, dark spots or all other unwanted marks from your body. Women can easily enhance their beauty by seeking out the help of an aesthetic clinic expert. You will be glad to know that expenses involved in such treatments are also reasonable. It is possible to treat facial issues permanently as well as for short duration using simple procedures. As a bonus,… Read Article →

Floor tiles in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular. Residents are opting tiles over wood and other materials because of the advantages it offers. Tiles can be better looking, more durable and easier to maintain than other materials. Here, we look at some of the common floor tiles and their prices in Singapore. Homogenous tiles Homogeneous tiles, being dense, are the most robust tiles. They are unglazed and resistant to water. In commercial or residential places where the floors are used constantly, homogenous tiles are the preferred choice. The price of homogenous tiles may range from… Read Article →

The use of floor tiles varies from place to place and from building to building. The use of tiles adds value to the architecture as it gets noticed easily. While tiles may not be used everywhere, some places won’t use anything apart from tiles. Over the years, tiles have evolved to become more attractive and long-lasting. The tiles commonly used for residential houses may not be used for offices and other public buildings. Similarly, places of worship will have their own types of tile styles. Residential houses Tiles are common in residential houses and include,… Read Article →

Ceramic tiles are naturally made from mixing clay with water and heating it till a flattened product is formed. The versatility of ceramic makes it the ideal choice for covering all surfaces — from the living room to the kitchen backsplash. Creating different looks is an easy task with ceramic tile play. Style is transient while the materials are eternal, here are five such trends specific to ceramic tiles: Large slabs: A concept that Italians are well acquainted with are large tile slabs. The approach to define large, is however changed. Tiles as large as… Read Article →

Green colored, algae infested pool from the Rio Olympics is fresh in everyone’s mind. This overnight growth was linked to lowered pH blamed caused by the lack of buffers. When pH drops, apart from increasing chances of algae growth, metal fixtures are also corroded. It is common to notice discoloration of pool water or stains along the tiles. While most stains are removable, there are few adamant ones that get lightened but never fully erased. Removing ugly stains from the pool Hold the urge to start scrubbing every time you see a stain. Evaluate the… Read Article →

You will observe plenty of modern homes using mosaic flooring since they offer a unique opportunity to the contemporary homeowners to design an interesting and unique tile design according to their personal preferences. Moreover, mosaic tiles are available in a host of material types such as mosaic, porcelain, and glass. No matter whatever mosaic yield that you select for your house, there is no doubt that it can be a great addition to your home decor if you take proper care of it. Mosaic flooring is like any other type of flooring in the sense… Read Article →

The concern of excessive sweating is not just a problem but a cause of embarrassment in many ways. If you are an individual that consistently meets group of people, this is one thing in your mind. Your palms are literally soaked or your armpits are always in excess moisture. This situation is beyond normal and should be treated accordingly. The fresh method of treating this worse sweating is readily available to everyone who wants it too bad. The hyperhidrosis treatment can change ones lifestyle and reach greater heights. It adds confidence in meeting all kinds… Read Article →

There are aesthetic procedures that will rejuvenate the face and give it more youthful appearance. These procedures often use dermal fillers, and they are non invasive. It often takes about three treatments to get the desired results, depending on the patient, of course. The results are temporary, and people often get touch ups two or three times a year. These injectables can be an alternative to invasive procedures like surgical face lifts, but not necessarily a replacement. They can also be used after a face lift has started to lose its effect, but the patient… Read Article →

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